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Information about New England’s Farms and Orchards, up next. How can we sustain our population within one region, eating locally, and eating in season, is it possible, even. More coming soon, too, about canning and preserving foods.

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After our latest strategic review of the goals and capabilities of the greater Newburyport Local Food Network we see some changes in the offing soon. Stay tuned for what’s next for the tastiest and most local food blog in the country [ well maybe something more modest would be more appropriate]. But stay tuned anyway!

Food Visionaries Needed….Transition Newburyport

Are you troubled by what you learned about our nation’s food system from Food, Inc., King Corn, The Future of Food, or The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and wonder what you can do about it? Concerned about the dependence of our industrialized agricultural system on fossil fuels for fertilizers, pesticides, farm machinery, food processing, storage and transport in the face of climate change and fossil fuel depletion?

Transition Newburyport is seeking individuals interested in working together to create a vision and a pathway to the food system of the future for our community, to tackle the question of how we can move toward a more sustainable, equitable, and resilient food system that will not only make us more self-reliant but will also serve to strengthen our local economy.

Our local food system includes all the growers, producers, processors, distributors, retailers, restaurants, school food programs, food pantries and every food consumer — in other words, everyone. What is more basic and central to our everyday lives than food?

We’ll be exploring questions such as: Where does our food come from? Could Newburyport feed itself? If not, why not, and what can we do to stimulate local food production? Does everyone who wants to grow food in our community have access to the land to do it?

If you are interested, please email us at We’ll be scheduling a get together in February to begin discussing these questions. The meeting will, of course, involve good local food as well as good company.

Clams and Oysters Back At Joppa?? … Maybe Says Newburyport Current

There’s 2+ great articles in the Newburyport Current by Barbara Taormina about the idea of restoring clams and oysters to local waters once more. Basic summary: Its possible and would be a great benefit locally…and there remain issues to deal with including the need to continue using the Plum Island purification plant before sending clams […]

Arrowhead CSA To Offer House Plants That Clean Air … Just Like The Victorians Used

Dick Chase of Newburyport’s Arrowhead Farm dropped us this note after our posting last week on the science of house plants that remove VOCs and other indoor air pollutants. Hi Ron….the use of indoor plants as air purifiers was common from the early Victorian Era through the 1970’s. In the 1980’s fake plastic plants took […]

TV’s “Travel Channel” Shows The Way To Local Foods … Recipes Included Here

I’m here to say this morning that Andrew Zimmern, the crazy, will eat anything guy from the TV program Bizarre Foods is a unsung hero of Local Food. And while we’re at it…Anthony Bourdain the tough talking NY guy from TV Travel Channel’s “No Reservations” likewise encourages Local Food…even if the locality is Corsica or […]

Which Plants Remove Indoor Air Toxins ? … Science Daily Reports

Growing plants indoors helps condition our inside air by removing CO2 and other airborn chemicals. So in addition to our indoor winter herb pots – chives, basil, parsley, and cherry tomatoes, you  might want to consider some of these plants which are identified today in “Science Daily” ScienceDaily (Nov. 5, 2009) — Air quality in […]

A Visit To The CIA … No Not That CIA … The Culinary Institute of America

We were visiting friends in the Hudson Valley this past week for a few days and had a chance to tour the Culinary Institute of Americain Hyde Park, NY. Its right next door to Poughkeepsie NY and the campus of Marist College and has spectacular views of the Hudson. It also had spectacular views of […]

Stonewall Kitchen Cooking School Class SOLD OUT

Truffles are of interest and my “Truffle Love” cooking class is sold out for tommorow night. Check it out… . oh, the coziness of Fall blended with the luxury of 100% USDA Organic truffle products. Great Holiday Ideas and recipes soon to follow…

Farmer’s Market Extending The Season With ‘Warm and Cozy’ Plans

LFN was really happy to read confirmation of the great buzz we’ve been hearing about the Newburyport Farmers Market winter plans. Here’s a bit of the story from today’s Newburyport Daily News  Newburyport owes a great big ‘thank you’ to organizer Shari Wilkinson and Tannery honcho David Hall…merci bien!! ….”But they will be under an […]

A New Season … Maybe Some Local Food Network Changes

As you can see from our little note above, the Local Food Network of greater Newburyport is planning some changes. When we ran our on line poll and sought others opinions about the LFN we learned some interesting and valuable tidbits. So we’re going to be responding to those suggestions . We heard from online […]