“Oyster Project” Reaches Out To Newburyport … Oysters & Clams At Joppa?

We got this nice note from The Oyster Project, an organization that advocates and blogs for restoration of Oysters in Massachusetts. We used to have lots of oysters in local waters. Now that the Merrimack is much cleaner than in the 1900’s why not bring them back? Why not starting a program to clean up […]

Local Oysters Restored to Newburyport and Newbury? … Portsmouth and Boston are doing it!

Among the Local Food choices that were available to our colonial predecessors were plentiful supply of sturgeon [ caviar anyone?] and oysters. Deborah Cramer, who wrote “Smithsonian Oceans” and was a guest at this years Newburyport Literary Festival told of a clipping from a London newspaper from the early 1700’s announcing a large shipment of […]

Haddock and Julienne Vegetables in Parchment Paper … Aaron Flanagan, CSA Member, Moves Outside His Cooking Comfort Zone

by Aaron Flanagan  Growing up in an Italian/American household, I became familiar with the comfort foods my mom and grandmother made. They weren’t really vegetable heavy. When I became the chef in my household, I had to develop a behavior to move out of my “food comfort zone,” trying things that I did not often eat […]

More Film Food!…..Actress Amy Adams plus video Julia Child cooks skate

The upcoming movie “Julia and Julie” about Julia Child and the young women writer, Julie Powell, who she inspired to try cooking 500+ recipes in 365 days looks like its going to be FUN. Since FUN is a part of our motto at LFN take a look at this clip of actress Amy Adams interviewed on Good […]

Striped Bass, Lobster and Clams……..local food at its finest!

Striped bass are coming on strong this year with plenty of ‘keepers’ being caught on mackerel. Lots more fillets in local skillets and freezers. Can local restaurants have striper as “catch of the day”? Or are there restrictions on resale by recreational fishermen?  Also -and happily -the Clam Flats are being harvested more after years of the […]

Herbs in Downtown Window Boxes?

With all the rain we’ve had the flowers in shop window boxes may be not doing well. If needed we hope they consider replanting with at least some herbs and edible flowers. That  way when Kim at “Newburyport Today” makes her clam chowder and needs some fresh thyme for her recipe you can offer a […]

Slow Food……………Nature takes her time so why eat something picked 3 weeks ago in 30 seconds?

Slow Food is the international movement towards eating healthier, more nutritious, local food with family and friends. It seeks to preserve local varieties of vegetables and other food products and the cuisine that they enable. They refer to this approcah as “the Arc of taste”. Buy local food

Clam and oyster flats open locally…………and no red tide

We almost missed noting last week  the open status of the flats in our area…free of red tide….”The Plum Island Sound area, known as N-4, is wide open for digging soft shell clams, razor clams and oysters,” he said. “The only shellfish currently banned for harvest in this area are carnivorous snails, which no one […]